Is Cliff Dixon Subliminally Claiming Rihanna?.

Kevin Durant’s friend Cliff Dixon may need to have a “are you, or are you not my baby?” conversation with Rihanna. He is head over heels for that woman and she doesn’t exactly seem to be paying him dust since she’s been snapped in photos with him.
A few months back, it was rumored that the two were dating after they were spotted at a 4th of July pool party followed by an appearance at a nightclub together.   Cliff also repeatedly posted photos of Rihanna with subliminal captions, but when blogs picked up the story that the two may be dating, he quickly shut the rumors down and said he was only a fan of the singer.
Well, he must be a super-duper fan, because this weekend, the former Western Kentucky basketball player flew to Detroit to watch Rihanna close out her last date on the Monster tour and kick it backstage.
He also posted a super cute picture of the two of them smiling and hugged up together with the caption:
Tryna steal my pose huh? You can have it boo you look better doing it anyway [kissing emoji and heart eyes emoji]
But when a commenter called him out on the caption and asked if they were together, he used his favorite line and wrote back, ‘No, I’m just a #fan.”
He did promise another fan that he would treat her right though.
Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 8.36.03 AM
rihanna and cliff dixon 2
How cute!
Cliff dixon rihanna instagram posts 2 cliff dixon rihanna instagram postsRihanna Hooray Henry's with Cliff Dixon
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