NBA: No More Boobie! Keyshia Cole Set To Officially File For Divorce.

This has been a long time coming it seems, but Keyshia Cole is finally doing the paperwork for the divorce from her hubby Daniel “Boobie” Gibson. The pair have been separated for a while now and it seems any attempt at reconciling the relationship just hasn’t worked. They were everyone’s favorite couple for a long time they way they held each other down and always showed affection, even the way they seemed to stand behind each other as they went through relationship issues like everyone else goes through. But in the end it sounds like there was more going on. Hit the jump.

Keyshia Cole is officially pulling the plug on her marriage to ex-NBA player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson — 3 months after revealing they had split.
Sources close to the singer tell TMZ she’s already drawn up divorce papers and we’re told she plans to file them any day now. The couple has a 4-year-old son.
Keyshia and Boobie had 2 wedding ceremonies … the first in May 2011, and then a bigger — aka expensive — one four months later in Hawaii. One divorce will get the job done though.
It doesn’t seem like much of a surprise at this point, but we wish both of them the best moving forward.

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