Keshia Chanté To DeSean Jackson: ‘Ain’t Nobody Checking For You’.

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DeSean Jackson may be on the hunt for an industry chick. And he definitely doesn’t take rejection so well. After being linked to Ashanti earlier this year, and trying to holler at Rihanna outside of a day party,  the Redskins player tried his luck with 106 & Park host Keshia Chanté at the BET Awards this past Sunday.  During his brief interview, he made several advances at Keshia and kept reminding her of how good she looked, however Keshia kept it professional by changing the subject several times.   And Twitter definitely took notice:
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DeSean apparently didn’t like folks claiming Keshia “curved him” so he posted a photo of himself standing next to Keshia on Instagram and tagged her in it, while claiming he was on the phone:
I’m on the phone tho!! @keshiachante
And Keshia cut him to the core when she replied in his comments:
Boy bye. Ain’t nobody checking for you.
She also posted a photo of the two together on her own Instagram with the caption:
U be getting that curve tho
keshia shante and desean jackson
DeSean is cute and has a lot going for himself, but these girls got him out here looking thirsty.  And he wasn’t trying to have that.
Hopefully, his quest for a girlfriend works out.
P.S. Keshia has a man.

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