Brandy Sings With Fans As She Leaves The African-American Festival .

brandy singing with fans 3
Brandy singing with fans
Brandy singing with fans 2
Here’s more proof that Brandy is that chick! She’s just about one of the coolest, most humble people you’d ever want to meet!
It’s one thing to be within touching distance of your fav and it’s another to actually be acknowledged by them. But it’s a whole other ball game to participate in an on-the-spot jam session with your music idol. That’s the dream some fans realized over the weekend when they went to see Brandy perform at the African-American Festival in Baltimore.
After she entertained a lucky B-more audience with an hour’s worth of material, performing classics such as “Baby” and “I Wanna Be Down,” she was approached by singing fans as she jumped into her awaiting vehicle and instead of high tailing it out of there, the R&B vet gave them a moment they’ll never forget by joining them for impromptu jam sessions!
Brandy might have found some background singers! Those guys were killin’ it!.

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