Rihanna and Eminem Do The #ALSIceBucketChallenge.

Rihanna Ice Bucket Challenge
Eminem Ice Bucket Challenge
Never say Rih isn’t ’bout that life!
Despite being from the islands and not being “with that ice sh-t,” the Bad Gal has finally taken the popular Ice Bucket Challenge.
It all happened last night as Em and Ri wrapped up their Detroit show in Comerica Park in front of a massive audience of 41,000 concert-goers.
With a chair all set up on stage, Eminem went first up as Rihanna dumped a waste basket of ice water over his head. And in an example of instant karma, Rih found herself in that same chair getting drenched in ice water by friend Jenna Rosales.
So far, the popularity of the ice bucket challenges has raised over $40 million for the ALS Association.

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