Nick Cannon To Play Richard Pryor In New Biopic? .

Nick Cannon to Portray Richard Pryor
First Whitney Houston and then Aaliyah…and now Richard Pryor? ‘Tis the season to film a biopic!
It hasn’t been confirmed just yet but a few strong clues have revealed that actor Nick Cannon may be taking on the role as legendary comedian Richard Pryor soon. For the past week, Nick has been on Instagram posting vintage black and white shots of Richard, and the other day he even posted a side-by-side shot of himself alongside a vintage shot of Richard Pryor with the caption:
Picking up smoking cigarettes for the next few months so forgive me if I smell like an ashtray. #KidsDontTryThis#CancerSticksSuck#AnythingForTheCraft#HopeIDontGetAddicted#LeftHandChainSmoking#ActorLife#NotAGame#Ncredible
Nick also wrote:
#TBT I’m feeling his spirit. I hope y’all ready for the next level in my career. #GameChanger#Pryor
Thing is, Nick hasn’t completely confirmed that he’s in the biopic… but something is up. In an interview with TMZ, he revealed:
This is the thing…there’s been a lot of people out there…I never want to jinx anything because you guys know how movies work. [If] it’s not in production, it’s not real, so all I’m saying is I’m doing
the work right now. I’m doing everything I need to do to embody it when the opportunity is right. Like you guys were saying earlier, it’s something that’s been in the works for quite some time. I don’t want to look like one of those actors who’s like, ‘Oh yeah they’re doing it’ and you never see the film.
In my mind, [I already have the part.] I’ve definitely sat with Lee [Daniels] who’s a close friend and we’ve actually worked quite a bit on getting it right so…the movie isn’t in production yet so, again, I don’t want to be one of those dudes…I want to do it the right way. When it comes to something that’s a sensitive as a legend as Richard Pryor. There’s family. There’s friends. Production. There’s so many things that go into weighing in on who should be this person and I don’t want to be out there like ‘Oh yeah I’m doing it’ and you look up and that’s not the case.

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