Chris Brown and Karrueche Over…Again?

Chris Brown and KarruecheAshanti’s ‘Break up 2 Make up‘ may be the soundtrack to Chris Brown and Karrueche’s relationship.
If you judge a person’s love life from Instagram, the couple’s love life is in shambles once again.
Just a day after he spent July 4th with Karrueche catching the fireworks at Nobu Malibu, Chris Brown deleted Kae from his Internet life completely by wiping his feed clean of all photos that featured his ride-or-die chick.  Karrueche also returned the favor by deleting his photos from her account, before posting the cryptic message:
Love what you have before life teaches you
to love what you lose

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 10.18.38 AM
This weekend, before the alleged breakup, Chris also posted a butt shot of Kae on his Instagram.
Given their on-again, off-again, maybe, maybe not-again relationship, we’re sure they’ll be back to posting usies and talking about how real their love is in no time!
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