Future Professes His Love For Ciara and Baby Future With New Photo.

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He may be baby Future but he’s clearly his mother’s child!
Nevermind what you thought you heard. Future is all about Future Zahir and his fiancee Ciara.
Over the past few weeks, the ‘Move That Dope’ rapper has been questioned about his role as a father and if his relationship with Ciara was still going strong since he has been on tour ever since his newborn has been born, however, Future somewhat addressed the rumors yesterday by sharing a snap of Cici and his baby boy.   The proud dad used the caption to declare his everlasting love for his family:
My babies..can’t no pic in the world prove my love but what u looking at rite now is
my life & these two mean the world to me..#honest big baby & baby future

Future is currently on a 45-city tour in support of his latest album, Honest.
Meanwhile, it looks as though Ciara has gotten loc extensions to match her man’s hairstyle.
Future instagram
Baby Future Zahir…one word. Adorable!.

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